Tuesday, June 9, 2009

yes I said yes I will Yes

June 4, 2009 a fabulously rare first edition of the James Joyce novel Ulysses sold for £275,000, the highest price recorded for a 20th-century first edition.
This first edition is unopened – apart from the last episode, where Molly Bloom’s long stream-of-consciousness soliloquy ends in her orgasmic “yes I said yes I will Yes”. The copy is number 45 of the first 100 and is printed on fine Dutch handmade paper. It was originally at the subversive Manhattan bookshop Sunwise Turn, an eclectic shop where patrons could also pick up Peruvian fabrics or the mystic teachings of Gurdjieff. It was bought by a Mrs Hewitt Morgan and then passed down the family, stored in its original box, unopened and away from the light. (Source)

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