Saturday, July 12, 2008

Lisbon conference in images

A few informal images from the recent Lisbon event:

The 25th International Literature and Psychology Conference

The Gordons (Jan & David) and myself enjoying a post-conference glass of Port.

Sherry Zivley and myself at one of Lisbon's many miradores (Roslyn Ko w. her back turned)

Me on a bench, as usual (random Lisbon gossip girls next to me).

Camelia with the Dons: Manuel and Norm

Jeff Berman and myself at Cascais.

Me at Cabo da Roca (I love West Coasts!!!!)

Another Gordon (Andy, our head honcho) in a good mood...

Rainer Kaus and myself in Belem, ready to navigate the world...

Camelia surveying the field...

- Till next year in Viterbo, Italy!

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