Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Beat Generation Revisited sequence

Over on the other blog I contribute to - The Atlantic Community - I have been posting online recaps and supplements to my current elective course The Beat Generation Revisited...

There are 6 instalments in the series proper, each based on a lecture, plus a few related items. Part 5 turned out longish, and therefore is divided in two parts. There is a total of 9 mini-lectures posted now that the teaching sequence is ended. The final instalment is based in part on mail-ins from my students with Beat related items they have found or were already familiar with...

Here are the relevant posts, if you want to get the low-down on the Beats:

0. Kerouac times

1. Basic Hip - Kerouac times, vol.2

2. Alan Ginsberg and the American Scream

2a. Howl tape unearthed

3. Dr. Benway, I presume...

4. Gary Snyder, Smokey the Bear, Avalokitesvara and other Bodhisattvas

5. "Minor Characters?" Beat Others, 1

5a. Beat Others, 2 - Racial Othering

6. The Beat Goes on...

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